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50 Black Jump Rings

50 Black Jump Rings

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Material: Coated metal jump rings

Available in 2 sizes:
Large: 10mm - 0.9mm thickness
Small: 8mm - 1.2mm thickness

Quantity: 50 Pieces (= 25 pairs) (by weight, give or take)

How to use:

It is recommended to open the jump rings with your hands instead of pliers.
Even though the coating quality is very high, it is possible the coating chips when using pliers.
The 20 gauge makes them easy to open by hand.

If you were to use pliers, I recommend using only smooth flat needle-nose pliers (no texture or pliers with teeth).
Still, opening by hand is still strongly recommended to avoid any scratches in the coating.

There might be very slight variations in color in every batch.
Make sure to separate your 'old' stock from any new orders you might place.
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